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Mosaic self-adhensive film
Mosaic film is a transparent adhesive film which is placed on the face of the mosaic tile. Thickness: 0.04mm ,0.08mm and 0.12mm. Width:10mm-1m; Length in roll:100m,200m and 400m. We can supply you according to your special needs.

Ití»s a front-mount clear adhesive film which is strong enough to hold tiles and mosaic pieces for packaging, transit, and installation, but is designed to release after installation without leaving adhesive residue on the stone, glass, or ceramic tiles. Tile Tape has many advantages over other tapes and the various front mount methods in use today:

  • a. Tile Tape is easy to use: simply peel it off the roll and apply
  • b. Excellent strength characteristics: Tile Tape is very hard to tear or stretch.
  • c. It is see through so installer can see the tile pattern while installing.
  • d.Thinset/mortar curing: Tile Tape breathes so it will allow the thinset to cure/dry; no need to perforate the Tape. It is important to let the thinnest or mortar dry for as long as the manufacturer suggests
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