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1. Fiber glass mesh
Back-Mount fiberglass mesh is ideally suited for manual as well as automated application.
  • a. featuresú║alkali-resisting, water-proofing, very strong, resistant to corrosion and many other characters, It is excellent for making mosaics, borders, accents, medallions, listellos, corners and other pre-assembled shapes.
  • b.Regular seizes: 290*290mm; 295*295mm; 300*300mm ;305*305mm; 310*310mm;315*315mm ;320*320mm.4000pcs/box,Regular size of roll: width :0.280m; 0.320m;1m;1.2m;1.3m;1.5m and so on. Length: 200m other sizes are customized.
  • c. Size of the hole: 5x5mm, 4x5mm or 4x4mm; Weight/m*m: 80g- -160g;
    Lay Mesh-mount fiberglass mesh on that and apply Wonda brand waterproofing glue with roller or brush. If you want to do this in small sections so you can apply tiles before the glue dries. Be certain to apply glue to the mesh. Then apply the tiles to the glued mesh. You may want to assemble your tiles upside down and apply your glued mesh to the backs of the tile. Next apply some weight to assure good contact between the mesh and tile or flip it all over so the tiles press down on the mesh.

  • You can immerse the mesh in a tub of glue and then apply to tiles. This maximizes the amount of glue on the mesh.
    Drying will depend on ambient temperature; Heat will accelerate drying.

    2. Mosaic hexagonal mesh
    The size of mesh can be made to your order. This product is made with fiberglass woven roving as its basis material and, then treated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid. It is widely used in the back of mosaic and stone, being easy to use and transfigure. Common specifications:
  • Mesh size: 5x5mm, 4x5mm or 4x4mm;
  • Weight/m*m: 80g- -160g;
  • Length/roll: 50m, 100m or 200m;
  • Width/roll: 1m- -2m;
  • Colours available: White
  • Packing: Each roll shrank wrapped, four or six rolls a carton; Or by pallet;
  • Special item can also be done if some changes on weight, width, length, color, or packing if required by custome.

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