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Mosaic Glue
It¡¯s main material is 32£¥acrylic acid resin. Waterproofing and environment-friendly. High and durable effect, dry quickly. Packed in plastic barrel, 50kg/barrel. The glue had passed the international SGE quality testing. Features are as followed:
  • 1. Components of Waterproofing 919A/B mosaic glue Main Material: 32% Acrylics mixed acid resin Other Components: 6% cosolvent: 2% Adhesion Promoters 60% Water P H: 6.5~7 Residual monomer: <0.05% Viscosity coefficient: 10000~13000
  • 2. Characteristics: Have Strong glutinosity, high water-proofing ability, and environment-friendly and dry quickly. If the temperature is above 30 degree, it will dry in 2.5hours. If the temperature is below 10 degree, it needs 5-6 hours. If the temperature is above 80 degree (using drying machine), the adhesive will dry in 15-20minutes.
  • 3. Sphere of application for 919A: Crystal glass mosaic; Painted glass mosaic; Glass mosaic; Metal, mosaic shell, stone mosaic, ceramic mosaic and bamboo mosaic.
  • 4. Method of application: Shake the glue well before use it directly. The method to apply to the mosaics. A. The method to pave the mosaics. B. Put the front side of the mosaics down onto the relative mosaic grid. C. Put the fiber mesh or hexagonal mesh in the plate (For example: 250*350mm), Then pour the glue onto the mesh and smear evenly In order to make the glue wet through. If you use the paper to mount the mosaic, just brush the glue on one side of the paper. D. After that, put the mesh on the back of the mosaic; Make the surface evenly with your hand or brush.
  • 5. Package: Packed in poly-bag inside, and then packed in strong plastic cask. It's 50kg/barrel. Delivered in wood carton.
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